lördag 18 februari 2012

step 17, character number 7, making the hands and feet.

The hands and feet will be put on the model as gloves and socks, this is mainly for the model to be able to take them off without taking the whole costume off, if he needs to go to the bathroom och something similar.

To get the right shape to the hands, I first sculpt them in grey pottery clay.

After sculpting them I brush on a couple of layers of latex directly onto the clay, and wait for the latex to set.

Then I simply remove the latex from the clay, trying not to break it. Once it is off, I cut the latex into flat pattern pieces and trasfer them onto pattern paper. This gives you a perfect pattern of your sculpt, and you can easily sew it in the latex skin.

An other way to do this, is to cover the object (sculpt) in cling film and masking tape, and cut out pattern pieces from that. You can also use this technique to make a bigger sale of the object in questing by scaling the pattern up, if you for example would like to have a gant banana, you can cover the surface in latex, cut it into flat pattern pieces, scale it to preferred scale and make a big version of the banana, easy!

To sew in the latex skin I use a Teflon covered foot, that glides perfectly on the latex.

To cover the seems I use brushing latex, and brush it on layer by layer until the surface is flat and the seem wont show through. Then it is just to do the same with the feet, and colour them as with the rest of the suit.
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