söndag 19 februari 2012

step 8, character number 1; making the mask.

When the beak is ready it has to be attached to the model somehow, this costume has a whole mask to cover the head, so I apply the beak to the mask.

Starting with making a hood, made from the white power net, in the size of the models head. Make sure it is not to tight or to loose, a perfect fit is what your aiming for, to get in and out from the hood just I have attached a zip in the back.

Then I brush the inside edge of the beak with Copy Dex, make it a thick layer.

Then simply attach the beak to the hood in the right position, pin it in place and let the copy dex dry. Once it is dry I sew the beak to the power net by hand, all around the edge, using a sharp heavy duty leather needle, since the latex i thick.

Once the beak is sewed on to the hood, it is time to attach the feathers to the mask.

Starting with the feather fabric again, being very accurate with the direction of the feathers, since the head is round. I sew it on by hand, in small patches, to get a good look to it.

When the feather fabric is on, it is time for the face. I cut out holes for the eyes, and with Copy Dex I attach down around the edge of the beak and a bit upon the face, this will make it blend with the skin and the makeup around the eyes.

Once it is done, it is time to make the feathers more worn and dirty, which is the next step!
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