lördag 18 februari 2012

step 7, character number 1; making the latex beak.

Starting with demoulding the plaster mould, by just carefully pulling it off the cast. The chavant followed the mould off the cast, and it was very easy to clean the mould from it, sometimes chavant clay can be tricky to clean out, since it oil based, if that is the case the best thing to do is to clean it with lighter fluid, which will remove the chavant easily.

when the mould is clean from clay, it is just to brush latex with latex thickener straight into the mould, no release is needed. Several layers is needed to give strength to the beak, to speed up the setting process I placed the mould in front of a small heating fan.

After about 3 layers, to increase the strength and durability to the beak, I added some of Tiranti's sculpting aluminum mesh on the inside of the beak.

To attach the mesh to the beak I brush more latex on the back, it is important to cover all of it since no aluminium should show through to the back, since you don't want it to scratch you models face.

Let it set and the simply remove it from the mould.To clean of the the edge I use a sharp pair of scissors and cut around it. Then it is ready to be applied to the mask.

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