torsdag 23 februari 2012

Step 1, character number 2; sculpting the mask.

Character number two is between the bird man of character number 1, and a human, which is the next step.

His face is suppose to look as if it transforming from a beak into a human face. I will make the face as a foam latex mask, on top of a Lycra hood.

To sculpt this I use grey pottery clay, my favourite. I start with getting the right proportions based on my designs.

When the proportions are accurate I start to work on the surface, since this is to be as skin like as possible the surface needs to be smooth. To achieve this I use different types of sculpting kidneys. My favourite is the serrated one in combination with the rubber one, if you alter the two the surface will eventually be smooth.

When the surface is smooth and all of the details are in place, I work on the skin texture, using different sponges to simulate pores and skin. An orange can also be handy for this.

Once the texture is done it is time to make a one piece plaster mould of it

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