måndag 27 februari 2012

Behind the scenes, characters number 1 and 7; photo shoot at Medljus

Then it was time for the photo shoot at Medljus with Robert Eldrim.

We had booked saturday for character number 1 and sunday for character number 7.

I had prepared everything very neatly, bought all of the make up, arranged the costumes and prepared every step carefully the day before, so once the model arrived, it was just to get started. I had my assistant who also happens to be my sister, Elin Stenfors, there all weekend since I really need an extra hand with the makeup and putting on the costumes.

Here I am putting on the costume for character number 7, being very tight and in latex it is essential to talc the models skin before putting it on, this will take away the friction and the costume is much easier to get into.

Robert in action with his camera!

Every time that Robert takes a picture with his camera, they end up on the screen of his computer in just a split second after they have been taken, this way it is easy for both me and him to see if something needs to be altered.

It was time for lunch and Rolf had taken off the hood, looking a bit like Ola Salo with only the feathers around the eyes left, we are observing Robert working on the images.

Putting on the last of the makeup around the eyes, ready to be photographed!

Me fixing the feathers in a place I was not pleased with the looks of them

Elin loves being my assistant.

The rest I will show you once it is done!

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