måndag 20 februari 2012

step 9, character number 1; adding the single feathers.

Now when the feather fabric is sewed on to the leotard, I need to cover the front with single feathers. I was looking desperately to find feathers with a natural look and shade to them in different sizes, preferably not to expensive. Just on chance I bought two duck feather pillows from Argos, costed me only £8, and the feathers inside them turned out to be absolutely perfect for my needs, and so many feathers!

I attach the feathers with Copy Dex, when the suit is on my vac-formed plastic mannequin, the Copy Dex wont stick to the mannequin, only to the power net, which is what you wan't to happen. At first I had planned to sew them on one by one but after some testing I realised that it was much better to do it this way, and it looked more genuine.

Trying to attach the feathers evenly without making a pattern, since a pattern will make it less realistic, with the feathers closer to each other on the edge to the feather fabric, and less the close in the middle. I want his skin to show through, since he is a mix between a bird and a man.

It took a big amount of time to get this done, my studio is full of feathers and I am full of feathers, but I am very pleased with the result.

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