fredag 17 februari 2012

step 15, character number 7; colouring the skin.

The latex costume is now ready to be coloured, I have worked around all of the surface until I was pleased with the texture.

To colour the suit I use acrylics, a good idea is to mix the acrylics with a tiny amount of latex, which will make it stay on the suit better, else it will eventually be worn off the suit. Starting with the darker colours, working into the details on the skin, the scratches, bruising, scab, dried skin etc. adding red for blood in the wounds.

To paint it I use a latex make up sponge, dipped in water to make the paint thin, it is better to build up the colour layer by layer instead of making it thick from the start, it will give a more natural look to the skin.

Once all of the dark colour and details are painted I wil start with the highlighting.

To highlight the skin I use white acrylic and dry brushing technique, to do this I dip a paintbrush in the acrylic paint and the brush almost all of the paint out of it before using it, then I brush it lightly over the surface, this makes it give colour only to the highest part of the suface, avoiding the deeper parts of the texture, that has been coloured dark. A very realistic look is what you get, I am very pleased with the result.

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