torsdag 2 februari 2012

step 6, character number 7,

Since the latex skin pieces are about 70*70cm it is necessary to patch them together to create the full pieces for the suit, this is done by purpose to get a genuine feeling of skin that has been patched and scarred.

I use the same pattern as for the lycra suit, adding some of the removed stretch since the latex skin is not as stretchy as the swim suit lycra.

Placing the skin pieces on the pattern, patching them together in an appealing way. To attach the pieces to each other, let them overlap about 2 cm with some moulding latex in between, and then simply patch them together from the back with a piece of power net brushed on with latex. This makes them stick together. Latex sticks to Latex, Plaster to plaster, Silicone to silicone, and so on, if you don't want these materials to stick to each other you need to use a release agent.

I then use the same tecnique to put together the pieces, it is possible to sew in the latex skin but I want to avoid it as far as possible since the stitches will show.

I then add the latex pieces to the lycra suit, stiching them on here and there with just single stitches to attach them to each other. The lycra suit is necessary since the latex can be quite uncomfortable to have directly on the skin, it also makes it easier to get in and out of the costume.

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