torsdag 2 februari 2012

step 7, character number 7; sculpting the head.

Using the headcast I made from Rolf's head, makes the headpiece fit him perfectly.

To sculpt the headpiece, I use grey pottery clay again, primarily since I prefer to work in this clay, secondly since I will use a lot and 25 kilos of this clay costs as much a 2 kilos of Chavant clay, and it is important to think with the wallet as well.

Sculpting it with a thin layer around the scull, since I don't want his head to increase to much in size, adding more clay around the throat and in the front, to create the beak shaped monsterus face.

The clay should be added in small pieces all over, without smoothing it down, just pressing small dots of clay evenly across the cast. The more you work with they clay, the faster it will dry out from your body heat. Don't spray it with water just yet, since it will get wet and impossible to work with.

When I have added as much clay as I need, I can start to smooth it down carefully, using sculpting tools and my hands. Once the surface is smooth enough I can start to work at the details of the sculpt, using dental tools, different brushes and vegetables to create the texture.

If your about to leave the sculpt for a while, spray it with some water and cover it with clingfilm and a plastic bag. I always allow at least two days of sculpting, since it is good to be able to come back the next morning with a frech mind and clear out any misstakes and impove it even more.

The final touch is made just before moulding, and the clay shoul be quite dry at this stage, the dryer it is, the less damaged it will be when you lay it town, since dry clay is firmer, but be careful not letting it get to dry, since it will crack, and your sculpt will be ruined.

The mouth will be filled with sharp teeth, but I will make them in fimo and add them on later, since they should not be in latex if you want them to look realistic.

Then it is time for moulding.

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