måndag 20 februari 2012

step 10, character number 1; patinating

Now when all of the feathers are attached to the costume, it is almost done. But since this is suppose to be a living being, you need to consider the environment he is living in, and what he spends the days doing. This character is suppose to be very clean and tidy, but he is still living outside.

As you can see the feathers are far to fluffy and new and need to be patinated and worked with to look more realistic.

To do this I first wet them down and shape them with a hairdryer. Then I use a spray hair gel, and spray them while I comb them with my hands, and I continue to do this until I am pleased with the look of it, and alter this with the hairdryer. It is just a question of how you want them to look really. When I was done with the body I did the same on the mask.

Then the costume is done, and it is time for fitting on my model Rolf, in Sweden!

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