lördag 18 februari 2012

step 6, character number 1; sewing on the feathers.

Starting with fixing the bits that needed correction after the fitting with the model, I added som of the two way stretch swim suit lycra in between the legs and around the neck, to make it more comfortable than the powernet, that can feel a bit stiff and is less smooth.

When all adjustments where done it was time to start with the feathers. To cover the suit with feathers I primarily use a chicken feather covered fabric that I've bought in a fabric shop in Shepherds Bush, it's absolutely brilliant, it costs £45 per meter, but compared to the work you would have to spend on sewing the feathers on one by one, it is well worth the money.

The feather fabric is not stretch, even if it gives a little when pulled, so the best way to sew it on is to do it on a mannequin in the right size of you model, this way the lycra underneath will stretch to the correct size and the feather fabric will be sew on to it on the right place.

Starting with the fabricated shoulders, and working my way around the edge, cutting medium sized bits of the fabric to shape it properly to the suit. Think about the direction of the feathers, the should follow the body and grow in the same direction, else it will look bad.

When the back and sides are covered with feather fabric, it is time to start to apply the loose feathers to the suit.
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