tisdag 21 februari 2012

Fitting with the model, character 1 and 7.

It is important to do a final fitting before the actual photo shoot, to make sure that everything fits perfectly. I arrived in Sweden to meet up with my model Rolf in his house, two days before shooting, to make sure I had enough time to fix any possible faults.

The latex costume fitted very well, there was some minor things that needed to be altered. And I also calculated on the time to get in the costume, to tell the photographer; about 45 minutes in total including make up.

The bird costume is put on very quickly, but half of it is make up, and it will take a long time to get all feathers in place on the body, so I have prepared Robert, the photographer, of this.

Both of the costumes fitted very well and I was pleased with my work, Rolf felt comfortable in them and I only had a few things to fix before the shooting day. Finally I can relax a little.

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