torsdag 26 januari 2012

step 5, character number 7; making the lycra suit.

Making the pattern for the lycra suit, using the same technique as for the leotard for character number 1. This suit is made in three parts, to increase the flexibility in the costume around the hips and the neck. It concists of a pair of skin coloured leggings and a legless leotard upper part with a hood for the head.

In the back I made a invisible zip for the model to get in and out from the costume. To attach the zip I first sew it on by hand, making sure not to stretch the fabric, the zip should be flat with the fabric. After sewing it on by hand I use the hidden zip foot with my sewing machine. The foot has two cuts underneath which lifts up the plastic part of the zip, allowing the needle to make the stitch as close to the edge as possible, which makes it invisible when turned over.

Then it is important to try the suit on the model before moving on to the next step, this way you can adjust any misstakes when it is still easy. Anyhow the suit fittet well and my model Rolf loved wearing it!

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