torsdag 26 januari 2012

step 3, character number 1; fabricated shoulderblade wings.

Starting with getting the proper shape for the fabrication in pattern paper, imagining the depth of the foam (ca 7cm) between the shapes. The fabrication is suppose to look as big shoulderblades that reminds you of wings.

I create the fabrication out of cold foam (mattress foam), which I will shape to the proper look. To do this I draw the pattern on to the foam.

I then use a Stanley knife with a brand new blade to cut out the shapes, allowing it to take time, to cut as neat as possible.

When the pieces are all cut I draw a line where they should be attached to each other. I then glue the foam pieces together with Copy dex, I add a bit of copy dex on both pieces, then I use the hairdryer to make it sticky instead of wet, and then press them together, this makes them stick to each other immediately.

When all of the pieces are glued together I shape them to the proper look with the stanley knife, and then sand it down with a dremel to make it smooth.

To make the surface completely even, I add a layer of wadding on the top, that I attach with Copy dex.

When the shoulder pieces are done it is time to attach them to the leotard, to do this I seal the pieces in a piece of the two way stretch skin coloured lycra, the same as on the back. I stretch the fabric while I pin it down around the shoulder piece, which makes it smooth and it will stay in place.

When it is carefully pinned down symmetrical on both sides I sew it on to the leotard with elastic herringbone stitches arount the edge.

Done, time to try it on the model.  

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