onsdag 11 januari 2012

Project Goals

In terms of my Final Major Project I want to make a political statement and produce a piece of work that will be beneficial for my portfolio, combining both my skills within costume and my skills within technical effects.

Initialy looking at environmental issues, I first put my focus on the Baltic Sea and the on going pollution of the ocean, since it is a subject close to my heart.

Over the summer I took a big step away from my original research regarding the ocean, concentrating on environmental issues in general. I tried to find a concept that would more easily be communicated to the public and a narrative that would reach out to a wide-ranging audience.

With humanity as my base, as environmental issues of our modern world occurs only due to the acts of mankind; I will focus my project on politics, religion and genetic engineering. I believe that by changing the stability of ecosystems and introducing new ones we wipe out the old, piece by piece.


As my narrative, I have chosen Performance Photography; this is a narrative that fits my intentions well, regarding my thoughts around context and audience.

By producing an image that can be printed in more than one copy, it will be possible to reach out to people in more than one place. An image can easily be displayed in several different performance spaces, since it will not be dependent on the locale to the same extent as many other performance contexts.

A great benefit is that this narrative allows me to collaborate with the photographer Robert Eldrim through the project, who is a well-known photographer in Sweden, and specializes in these kinds of images. We have previously worked together, and complement each other perfectly, which will add to the quality of my project. Robert will be responsible of the background, lightning and photography, he will also be able to add digital effects in the editing that I will not be able to create as physical pieces.

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