onsdag 11 januari 2012

Project Introduction

The images that we will produce will tell the story of the Human Evolution, starting at Miocene times, 14 million years ago, ending in the end of the 28st century. With the human evolution as base, the image will tell the audience how we, through the steps of development, are facing our own extinction.

The image itself will not be reality-based, but a fictive version of our evolution, showing specific examples metaphoric to issues in the actual evolution of mankind. The audience will be able to identify and recognise, and it will also be open for individual interpretation.

The intention of this image is to attract public attention regarding what we do with our world; to convey the story of how we must act now if we do not want it to end in a massacre in the nearest future

Research key Elements

I have undertaken a creative and wide ranging research to find my own approach to the stages of the evolution. By researching my subject on a academic, scientific and artistic level, focusing on the stupidity of mankind through politics, religion and science I have achieved a solid foundation for my concept.

As we as humans have developed from animals, I have done wide-ranging research on animals, their anatomy and function. After researching I decided to have birds as a key theme for my concept development. Pushing it in this direction gives me an opportunity to use the symbolism on and around birds, feathers, and the colour white. Since ancient times, because of bird’s connection to the sky, they have been thought of as a supernatural link between the heavens and the earth.

Middle Eastern and Asian cultures often speak of birds as symbols of immortality. In East Indian myth, every bird in the world represents a departed soul, and in Christian art, birds often appear as saved souls.

As a key colour scheme to the image me and Robert have selected the colour white; Reaction to colour is instantaneous, and the colour was chosen based on thorough research around symbolism and the historical significance of colour. By using white as the main colour of the project I want to show that mankind where once pure and innocent, but we are ruining it for our selves.

As my 3D experimentation I have tried several materials, such as different fabrics, feathers and foam, latex, silicone and wire. This has given me depth to my characters and an ability to work further with my designs. I developed several different ideas to have a broad range to choose from when it was time for my final selection. I have gathered my experimentation and samples in my logbook and sample box with pictures, samples and my conclusions regarding them.

I have met up with my selected model for the image on several occasions, made a life cast of his head and done experimentation with his body and positions to work out how to find the right approach to my designs.

As part of my research I have looked a lot on the anatomy of the shoulder blades, combining the human skeleton with the features of birdwings.

I have also researched religious clothing, looking into medieval Christian clothing and the religious garments worn by Native Americans. I found the link between birds and religion very distinct within the native’s culture, which I have then applied to the western religious garments to create a character that fits my theme.

As for gene manipulation I have given my project a deep analysis, also trying to bring the birds theme to the modern stage, the greed of man and the will to create the perfect being; looking at birds foetuses and genetic science.

I have through my research developed the idea into seven different specific characters, each with a carefully analysed symbolism. I've worked a lot with colour and body language, and in order to find my own idiom I used earlier images of the evolution.

Throughout my concept development I have had continuous contact with Robert, and all my decisions has been discussed with him before finalising. We have met on several occasions together with the model and talked things through, to make the project solid and of high quality.


The image will take on matters that are important to everyone, but as my main audience I am aiming for men and women in the age of 15 and above, due to the importance of the political message in the images and the provocative content. As it is of great importance for the project’s larger meaning that as many as possible gets to view the image, I am aiming to have it easily accessible and interesting for a wide group of individuals.

The images should be appealing for all different ethnicities and classes, both in aesthetics and larger meaning.

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