måndag 16 januari 2012

step 3: character # 7; demoulding

When the fiberglass has properly set, it is time for demoulding, I left it to set over the weekend but it is usually enough with leaving it over night.

Starting with taking away as much clay as I possibly could, beeing careful not to scratch the mould on the inside, since all scratches will appear on the final skin.

After clearing the mould from clay it needs a proper cleaning with water and a dishbrush or similar to remove all clay and make it completely clean. If some clay doesn't want to come off completely it is OK to leave it and just scrub it off when it has dried, it will fall off almost by itself. This is dirty and takes a while so you need to wear protective clothing if you dont want to get dirty, and preferably eye protection.

When the mould is clean the edges needs to be cut to get away the sharpness, it is very unpleasant to touch as it is now. To cut the edges i use a Fein multimaster saw, that cuts by vibration. This saw is brilliant since it only cuts hard surfaces so it wont hurt you even if you try. When cutting fiberglass it is essential to wear dust mask and eyeprotection, and preferably gloves to avoid the fiberglass getting into your skin.

Finishing the edge off with a piece of sandpaper and the mould is done for moving on to the next step.

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