onsdag 11 januari 2012

Project Content

As the final outcome for my final year project I will together with Robert Eldrim develop one wide image that illustrates 7 different stages in the evolution, showing the same person changing appearance from stage to stage.

The different stages of the evolution will also be shown as one by one portraits and the costumes displayed as an installation alongside the images in the final exhibition.

I have designed 7 different stages of the evolution of man, starting in the Miocene times and ends in year 2750. These different stages have been designed by me in order to be able to combine my knowledge within costume design and making with my skills within technical effects.

What I will make based on my research and final designs from the concept development unit is:
• 7 pcs individual technical effect costumes
• 3 pcs facial prosthetics
• 1 pc foetus prop in jar
• 8 Images:
o 1 pc 70cm *200cm wide image, mounted on foam board
o 7 pc, 70cm*50cm images, mounted on foam board.

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