måndag 16 januari 2012

step 2, character #1; making the unitard

Starting with cutting out all of the pieces, I am using a white powernet as the base fabric with a swimsuit lycra in the upper back, which is stronger and more durable to be able to hold the fabrication further on. The powernet is good since is transparent and blends in with the models skin and the fabric breathes so the model will feel more comfortable wearing it.

The pieces will be sewn together using an overlocker, so only 5mm of seem allowance is necessary, exept in the ends of the legs and arms where 2 cm is better.

Sewing it together using the overlocker, it is important to remember not to sew across the pins, since the machine will be damaged. If the fabric has to be pinned, pin in the same direction as the edge's and 2 cm from it. Another good way to do it is to handstitch it first to be completely safe from damaging the machine.

When all pieces are sewn together the unitard is ready to be fabricated.

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