måndag 16 januari 2012

step 1, character #1; patterncutting

After measuring Rolf, the model, it is time to create the pattern for the lycra unitard that will create the base for the costume.

I prefer to work with the dot and cross pattern paper since it makes live easier when drawing straight lines and angles.

I first make the pattern as a tight tailor made suit, but since i am using a two way stretch lycra it is essential to take away the stretch from the pattern. Do this by cutting a i.e. 10cm long piece of the fabric being used. Hold the fabric above a ruler and stretch it, this way it is easy to see how much it stretches.

Then the pattern pattern is made smaller by folding it away in even pieces as straight lines across the whole pattern, in both directions, removing the same percentage as the fabric stretches.

Then to have a nice piece of flat pattern it is a good idea to transfer the new pattern into a new piece of paper.

When the pattern is done it is time to move on to the next step.

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