onsdag 11 januari 2012


I have always been interested in political art and performance, particularly in political installations, films and photography, which are narratives that are appealing to me.

In my opinion political art is the most effective way to spread a message to a wide audience. Performance art has a depth to with more than one true meaning, which allows it to be interpreted in different ways depending on who’s observing.

A great inspiration of mine is Mona Hatoum, a Palestinian artist, living in London, making art about the war in the Middle East. I am also very inspired by Patricia Piccinini that creates realistic sculptures that tells stories with multiple meanings. I have also recently discovered the Macedonian artist Robert Gilgorov, who has a very original approach to his artoworks concerning politics and sexualtity.

This type of art is appealing due to its provocative content, and this is also what makes it interesting.

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